Walz Truck Load Scanner Facilitates Payload Management for Miners

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Determining the load volume and weight being carried by heavy duty trucks can be a hurdle for miners, especially if a mining company lacks proper weighing equipment. Walz Scale, a globally renowned supplier and service provider of precision weighing equipment and truck scales, has developed an advanced truck load scanner system to help facilitate payload management process.

The load scanner system which is comprised of the mounting hardware, a laptop/PC and 3D laser scanners is able to provide real-time load volumes for static or in-motion trucks. In short, this revolutionary laser scanning system is replacing the need for costly truck scales and other standalone weighing systems.

To learn more about the Walz Load Scanner, visit the official website of the truck bed load scanner system at LoadScanner.com.

Features of Walz Load Scanner Systems

The volumetric truck load scanner by Walz is monitored using the payload operating system, which is an easy-to-use software. The platform delivers real-time data, while reporting features of the load to the operators or managers. This helps to ensure effective and efficient management of truckloads. Key features of the volumetric payload scanner include:

1. Advanced Load Scanning Technology: The scanner uses the 3D scanning technology and advanced algorithms to provide a very dynamic, non-contact solution to managing truck loads. It delivers very accurate volumetric load calculations whenever an open truck drives beneath the scanner.

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2. Automated Operation: The scanner operates by comparing the empty scans of the truck to the corresponding loaded scans. The vehicles are normally fitted with the RFID tags, which helps to automate the whole process, hence ensuring a fully automated operation with streamlined efficiency.

3. Static and Portable Load Scanning Services: The load volume scanning systems are available for both static and portable operation. The portable and trailer-mounted scanning systems are best for highway projects, the construction as well as mining industries, where portable solutions are required for real-time management of production and material movement.

4. Volume and 3D Load Imagery: The scanner provides very accurate volume calculations as well as 3D load images for the same. The individual load tickets can then be printed or emailed and the data stored or managed from a web-based account. The advanced analysis and reporting feature allows for real-time data management.

5. Real Time Production: The scanner allows for real-time monitoring of the production data. This kind of tracking gives you a clear indication of the load distribution and many other variables which can influence performance.

6. Optional Scanner Interface Systems: There are multiple options currently available for running the truck volume load scanning system. Whether you have a simple touch-screen PC, a mobile tablet or an outdoor kiosk system, you will find an operator interface which perfectly fits your requirements.

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