Walz Scale: A Leader in Weighing Systems & Load Management Solutions

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Walz Scale is a renowned supplier and service provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems. The truck scales and weighing systems provided by Walz Scale are used in various applications, such as agriculture, mining, recycling, aggregate, chemical, waste, and transportation applications.walz scale

Walz weighing solutions range from the heavy duty axle scales and wheel weighers to floor scales and pallet jack scales among other solutions perfect for a wide range of business needs and applications.

The weighing solutions by Walz Scale are highly durable, reliable, and accurate. They are built with heavy-duty and resilient materials to withstand harsh conditions and busy environment. They are also built with an advanced weighing technology to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability. These truck weighing scales and related solutions are not only designed to weigh loads, but also to help facilitate the processing and transfer of the captured data into the client’s’ management information systems.

Advanced Truck Weigh Scale Technology

The ability to offer highly durable and technology-driven truck scale systems that are supported by top-of-the-line software for easy weight management and tracking has helped to propel Walz Scale as the leader in truck scales and weighing equipment. The main products of the company range from on-board vehicle weighing systems to heavy-duty mining scale solutions.truck scale

The on-board weighing solutions by Walz can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a certain business application such as the lift truck scales, onboard material handler and conveyor belts, and portable truck scales among other onsite solutions and calibration services.

Expertise in Mining Load Management Solutions

Walz is also a groundbreaker when it comes to mining weighing solutions. The company has built several weighing solutions perfect for rigorous mining fields. In addition to the mining and onboard applications, Walz also specializes in 3D volumetric scanning solutions to help improve operational efficiency and reduce waste. The volumetric scanners are fitted with advanced tools to help manage belt, vehicle, and stockpile.

Further, the company also offers trucks scale rental services to enable businesses hire truck scales for temporary weighing needs. Other weighing solutions and technologies that have helped to propel Walz Scale into a global leader in weighing systems and load management solutions include

Payload Pro Software

The company’s Payload Pro Software Suite features the most advanced set of tools to help businesses manage their payloads easily and effectively. Some of the exceptional features of the Walz Payload Pro Software include an intuitive interface, tire management, strut analysis, unit recognition, camera interface, connected payload, and global payload management.

The global payload management feature lets businesses manage and share their payload data across global sites through a cloud sync service. Furthermore, with the Walz RFID and VVRS system modules, businesses can fully automate their hauling unit recognition process to automatically identify hauling units and record their payloads.Walz Scale Load Scanner System

Load Volume Scanner System

The Walz load volume scanner system was built to enable in-motion payload monitoring and high definition load imagery. This load volume scanner technology helps businesses to manage and track all the carried volumes in their haulage units in real time. The load scanner system provides businesses with efficient and affordable external weighing systems that act as an alternative to the truck scales. For more information about Walz Scale’s load volume scanner, visit LoadScanner.com.

walz scale weigh study

On-site Weigh Study & Payload Services

Walz Scale’s on-site weigh study and payload services feature highly advanced tools that ensure cost efficient mining operations. The systems provide businesses with a cost-effective means of verifying the actual weight of empty hauling units. Other amazing benefits offered by the Walz on-site weight study and payload services include shovel and loader scale calibrations, reduced overloads in the pit, improved unit availability, improved fleet optimization, and real-time fragmentation monitoring among others.

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