5 Tips to Plan an Effective Web Design Strategy

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web design plan strategyWith the advancement of digital technology in many forms, countless companies are investing in web design solutions to keep their online presence up to par. The last few years have seen significant changes in what elements businesses need to consider when developing a web design strategy. So in this post, we share 5 tips to help you and your business (or brand) plan an effective web design strategy.

1. Fast Load Speeds

Site speed is an important element in web design. Fast load speeds lend to a remarkable online experience to visitors. You could be visiting a good site, but it takes too long to load. In this case, you will leave the site and go elsewhere. Besides offering a great experience for users, a fast load speed is an important element for search engine ranking.

Moreover, load speed has an impact on the AdWords Quality score, as well as SEO and how well a site ranks in the organic search results. Parallel to this, when site load speed is higher, you will get higher quality score (and lower cost-per-click) in PPC, as well as great potential to rank higher in the organic search results.

2. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignWith responsive web design, you can optimize one website to fit any screen. In this case, your site can be used on both mobile devices and desktops. On the other hand, a mobile friendly website is designed for mobile devices only. If you are on a budget, you will probably use responsive design for your site.

In this case, responsive design is the best investment for your business. Moreover, you should consider adopting responsive web development because it is easy to manage since you will handle one website.

3. SEO-friendly Website Development

The market has become very competitive; therefore, the online presence is vital for companies. Nowadays, people search for almost everything online. The study shows that individual performs at least one online search before making purchase decisions. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to have SEO-friendly websites. In this case, your website is optimized to appear in the first pages of search engine results. Failure of your site to appear in the search results means your site does not exist for the user.

Without SEO, your business will not generate the good revenue since it is not visible to the users. If you are not familiar with the SEO practices, it is important to hire professional SEO company to optimize the website for you. The most important thing is to incorporate SEO during the planning stages a new site. For this reason, it’s best to work with website design company with SEO experience.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization focuses on improving the effectiveness of your site and boosts the sales with the current amount of traffic you are receiving. The conversion rate optimization allows you to evaluate your site’s sales and identify a way of improving your site to get more people sign up for your products and services.

Conversion rate is an important metric because it generates sales without necessarily increasing the current traffic you are receiving. Instead of paying more money digital marketing or PPC ads, you could use conversion rate to generate more sales

5. Socially-Integrated Web Design

With the development of social media platforms technology, many people are now using social media to engage with brands and business. In fact, social media offer a great market potential to a business due to its incredible targeting capabilities. In this case, the businesses will be able to engage a much more focal audience and possibly get new followers (which may lead to new customers.)

As a result, a website should be able to be integrated with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Integrating your website with social media will give you a better chance of marketing your products and services at a cheaper rate.

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