The Best Alternative to Truck Scales is Walz Load Scanner

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In this era drastically advancing technology, heavy-duty weighbridges and portable truck scales are now being replaced by new, more efficient truck scale alternatives. If you are looking for an advanced solution for payload weighing and management, then check out the new innovation from Walz Scale. load scanner system in progress

Walz Scale is now offering a high-tech, yet very simple to use volume load scanner system known as Walz Load Scanner. This is a load scanner that has high-capacity, seamless scanning ability that calculates load volumes in an accurate and efficient manner.

Further, the volume measurements can then be calculated into weight metrics for fluid payload management processing. Additionally, the load scanner is cost effective, making it affordable for operators who want to advance their payload management systems without spending tens of thousands of dollars on the newest truck scale unique.

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The Nuts & Bolts

The Walz Load Scanner developed to provide a high definition load imagery and an in-motion payload monitors. With this Advanced Volume Load Scanner System, operators are able to view high definition 3D images in their truck loads and then generate load tickets for each load. This allows you to print or email each load ticket with their corresponding material information and 3D imagery.

3D images from the load scanner

Walz Load Scanner is designed to be synced with Payload Pro Operating System (built in software platform property) which is compatible on all types of mobile devices and computers. This makes it easy for operators to track, monitor and manage load scan data from your online web based cloud account.

The load scanner provides a non-contact solution for managing material truck loads by utilizing its laser technology and its advanced patent pending algorithms. This is the best technology for bulk material transportation industries.

Walz Load Scanner Systems are available for portable operations or permanent operations. This makes it best for highway and construction projects because you can move it to any location. You are able to monitor and manage material movement and production. They come with optional load scanner interface systems which helps you run your truck volume load scanner system from your mobile tablets, simple touch screen PC’s and outdoor kiosks systems.

Advantages of Walz Load Scanner

They have affordable payload management system. You can install a Walz load scanner system with a very low cost as compared to the cost of fixing weighbridges. The load scanners need little maintenance hence minimizing repair costs and costly recalibration.

Load scanner in ag context

In operations where load’s cubic volume is the target metric, Walz Load Scanner gives an accurate and reliable measurement very fast compared to other forms of load management. With the load scanners, operators are able to eliminate the old methods of counting truck loads and guess work. In essence, users are able to minimize uncertainties, moisture content and load variation.

The load scanner systems available from Walz are highly flexible and durable. They are built to the highest standards and are proven to last long in rough production operations like in construction sites, mining sites and many more. A load scanner unit can be installed virtually anywhere where necessary.

The load scanner systems perform well in extreme conditions and in the roughest environment. They can go for years without the scheduled servicing or the need to recalibrate although this depends on how and where it’s being used. With the 3D scanning technology, other applications like conveyor belts are being applied.Walz Load Scanner

These conveyors belts are mostly used in mining sites and quarry sites. The difference between Walz Scale and other providers of mining truck scales is that Walz Scale gives the capabilities to incorporate weigh systems and many different pieces of equipment. Covering conveyor belt scales, onboard rail scales and many more. Walz Scale is a leading provider of mining scale systems and payload management solutions in many different forms.

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