5 Tips to Plan an Effective Web Design Strategy

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web design plan strategyWith the advancement of digital technology in many forms, countless companies are investing in web design solutions to keep their online presence up to par. The last few years have seen significant changes in what elements businesses need to consider when developing a web design strategy. So in this post, we share 5 tips to help you and your business (or brand) plan an effective web design strategy.

1. Fast Load Speeds

Site speed is an important element in web design. Fast load speeds lend to a remarkable online experience to visitors. You could be visiting a good site, but it takes too long to load. In this case, you will leave the site and go elsewhere. Besides offering a great experience for users, a fast load speed is an important element for search engine ranking.

Moreover, load speed has an impact on the AdWords Quality score, as well as SEO and how well a site ranks in the organic search results. Parallel to this, when site load speed is higher, you will get higher quality score (and lower cost-per-click) in PPC, as well as great potential to rank higher in the organic search results.

2. Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignWith responsive web design, you can optimize one website to fit any screen. In this case, your site can be used on both mobile devices and desktops. On the other hand, a mobile friendly website is designed for mobile devices only. If you are on a budget, you will probably use responsive design for your site.

In this case, responsive design is the best investment for your business. Moreover, you should consider adopting responsive web development because it is easy to manage since you will handle one website.

3. SEO-friendly Website Development

The market has become very competitive; therefore, the online presence is vital for companies. Nowadays, people search for almost everything online. The study shows that individual performs at least one online search before making purchase decisions. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to have SEO-friendly websites. In this case, your website is optimized to appear in the first pages of search engine results. Failure of your site to appear in the search results means your site does not exist for the user.

Without SEO, your business will not generate the good revenue since it is not visible to the users. If you are not familiar with the SEO practices, it is important to hire professional SEO company to optimize the website for you. The most important thing is to incorporate SEO during the planning stages a new site. For this reason, it’s best to work with website design company with SEO experience.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization focuses on improving the effectiveness of your site and boosts the sales with the current amount of traffic you are receiving. The conversion rate optimization allows you to evaluate your site’s sales and identify a way of improving your site to get more people sign up for your products and services.

Conversion rate is an important metric because it generates sales without necessarily increasing the current traffic you are receiving. Instead of paying more money digital marketing or PPC ads, you could use conversion rate to generate more sales

5. Socially-Integrated Web Design

With the development of social media platforms technology, many people are now using social media to engage with brands and business. In fact, social media offer a great market potential to a business due to its incredible targeting capabilities. In this case, the businesses will be able to engage a much more focal audience and possibly get new followers (which may lead to new customers.)

As a result, a website should be able to be integrated with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Integrating your website with social media will give you a better chance of marketing your products and services at a cheaper rate.

The Scope Of Logistics Management Companies In 2016

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Logistics management companies play a vital role in supply chain management. The main roles and duties that third-party logistics companies provide in supporting supply chain management for various companies include: integrated logistics management, transportation and warehousing and distribution. In this article we will focus more on the role of logistics companies in warehousing and distribution, particularly as we enter a new year rich with industry changes and advancements in technology.logistics-management-companies-2016

Innovative & Lean Production

Logistic companies provide an innovative and lean approach to management of warehouses thereby helping clients to engage employees and also to eliminate wastage, build-in-quality and shorten lead times. Besides that, logistics management companies also help to locate a perfect site for distribution centers, design a layout and also set up processes, equipment as well as visibility tools.

Apart from that, logistic and management companies also hire and train staff to ensure a smooth flow of goods and also to ensure that inventory arrives only when needed and in the exact quantity needed. To further support in supply chain management, logistics and management companies provide warehousing and distribution services which include, cross docking, reverse logistics, value added services, distribution management and packaging just to mention but a few.

Cross Docking & Distribution

Cross docking is one of the most important warehousing and distribution services. It helps to keep products moving and also reduces distribution cost. Cross docking synchronizes both inbound and outbound shipping activities, thereby ensuring that products flow directly from either a manufacturing facility or receiving end directly to stores or your distribution center. Besides that, cross docking also eliminates the need for picking, storing product inspection as well as traditional warehousing activities.logistics-management

Cross docking also facilitates DC bypass as well as direct –to store deliveries. Additionally, cross docking also reduces standing inventory, storage space requirements, operating costs, distribution costs as well as the time taken by products from the manufacturing facility to customers. There are three main cross docking models which include continuous, consolidation and deconsolidation.

Inventory Management, Tracking, & Reporting

Another important warehousing and distribution service is the distribution management. Distribution management helps to streamline everything from inventory management, staff hiring, reverse logistics, packaging and value added services so as to keep products flowing. value-added-services-warehousing

From the design of distribution centers to implementation and operation management, logistics management companies like UniFac.com take care of all distribution networks, thereby allowing the client to focus on his business. To do so, such companies use varieties of distribution models which include product completion centers, temperature controlled facilities and new Greenfield facilities just to mention but a few.

Value Added Services for Supply Chain Management

Another critical role of warehousing and distribution is value added services. Value added services simply mean adapting products so as to meet unique customer needs. Value added services gives clients agility to respond to unexpected shifts, changing retailer requirements and consumer demands. One third-party logistics company is spearheading the industry standard of value added services in the sector.

Integrating such services, logistics management adds more supply chain flexibility and decreases operational costs. Such value added services include labeling, inventory management, system configuration, vendor compliance and even eco-inspection just to mention but a few.

Logistics warehouses and distribution companies also provide flexible, innovative and cheap packaging solutions. Since the demand of packaging is growing at an alarming rate, manufacturers as well as retailers have to manage their packaging operations if they are going to have a major impact. Logistics and management companies’ helps clients to achieve unique packaging goals by providing comprehensive designs as well as implementation capabilities in a wide array of formats. Such companies provide high-tech packaging solutions, thereby helping clients to achieve outstanding execution in their packaging operations.

Walz Scale: A Leader in Weighing Systems & Load Management Solutions

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Walz Scale is a renowned supplier and service provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems. The truck scales and weighing systems provided by Walz Scale are used in various applications, such as agriculture, mining, recycling, aggregate, chemical, waste, and transportation applications.walz scale

Walz weighing solutions range from the heavy duty axle scales and wheel weighers to floor scales and pallet jack scales among other solutions perfect for a wide range of business needs and applications.

The weighing solutions by Walz Scale are highly durable, reliable, and accurate. They are built with heavy-duty and resilient materials to withstand harsh conditions and busy environment. They are also built with an advanced weighing technology to ensure optimal efficiency and reliability. These truck weighing scales and related solutions are not only designed to weigh loads, but also to help facilitate the processing and transfer of the captured data into the client’s’ management information systems.

Advanced Truck Weigh Scale Technology

The ability to offer highly durable and technology-driven truck scale systems that are supported by top-of-the-line software for easy weight management and tracking has helped to propel Walz Scale as the leader in truck scales and weighing equipment. The main products of the company range from on-board vehicle weighing systems to heavy-duty mining scale solutions.truck scale

The on-board weighing solutions by Walz can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of a certain business application such as the lift truck scales, onboard material handler and conveyor belts, and portable truck scales among other onsite solutions and calibration services.

Expertise in Mining Load Management Solutions

Walz is also a groundbreaker when it comes to mining weighing solutions. The company has built several weighing solutions perfect for rigorous mining fields. In addition to the mining and onboard applications, Walz also specializes in 3D volumetric scanning solutions to help improve operational efficiency and reduce waste. The volumetric scanners are fitted with advanced tools to help manage belt, vehicle, and stockpile.

Further, the company also offers trucks scale rental services to enable businesses hire truck scales for temporary weighing needs. Other weighing solutions and technologies that have helped to propel Walz Scale into a global leader in weighing systems and load management solutions include

Payload Pro Software

The company’s Payload Pro Software Suite features the most advanced set of tools to help businesses manage their payloads easily and effectively. Some of the exceptional features of the Walz Payload Pro Software include an intuitive interface, tire management, strut analysis, unit recognition, camera interface, connected payload, and global payload management.

The global payload management feature lets businesses manage and share their payload data across global sites through a cloud sync service. Furthermore, with the Walz RFID and VVRS system modules, businesses can fully automate their hauling unit recognition process to automatically identify hauling units and record their payloads.Walz Scale Load Scanner System

Load Volume Scanner System

The Walz load volume scanner system was built to enable in-motion payload monitoring and high definition load imagery. This load volume scanner technology helps businesses to manage and track all the carried volumes in their haulage units in real time. The load scanner system provides businesses with efficient and affordable external weighing systems that act as an alternative to the truck scales. For more information about Walz Scale’s load volume scanner, visit LoadScanner.com.

walz scale weigh study

On-site Weigh Study & Payload Services

Walz Scale’s on-site weigh study and payload services feature highly advanced tools that ensure cost efficient mining operations. The systems provide businesses with a cost-effective means of verifying the actual weight of empty hauling units. Other amazing benefits offered by the Walz on-site weight study and payload services include shovel and loader scale calibrations, reduced overloads in the pit, improved unit availability, improved fleet optimization, and real-time fragmentation monitoring among others.

Why FQHCs Are Faced Greater Challenges With Medical Billing

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Federally Qualified Health Centers, or FQHCs, have been a major backbone of the health care system in the country for more than half a century. They are more popularly known as Community Health Centers or Neighborhood Health Centers and are part of the “war on poverty.” billing challenges with FQHCs

These centers have treated more than 21.1 million patients as of 2012 and have been providing quality primary health care and comprehensive treatment options to those who are unable to afford expensive treatment at hospitals. FQHCs focus on both primary and preventive care; this treats the people in the community if they happen to get illnesses while also promoting health so as to avoid getting sick in the first place.

FQHCs are a very important part of the health care safety net as they accept patients regardless of their ability to pay even if they don’t have health insurances. However, because of this, the FQHC also faces problems, especially with medical billing and receiving payments from the patients.

The Challenge FQHCs Face With Patient Billing

As these health centers cater to the impoverished population, it is required to use a sliding fee scale which is based on the family size of the patient, income based on the federal poverty guidelines as well as other criteria. The FQHCs receive grants under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act but it isn’t enough to maintain operational costs.

This is largely because most patients who visit the center really have no money to pay for services. As a whole, most FQHCs only get around 75%, or the health center’s insurance billing and collection. This is a very big issue as revenue cycle is the lifeblood of these health centers since it is the one driving the growth while also increasing their access to quality care and expert consultants.

The Solution for Better FQHC Billing Systems

There are many possible solutions to the problem; one such solution is through hiring a third-party health center billing company to handle the billings and collection. Looking for qualified FQHC billing experts can be a bit difficult but it is important as these companies handle the revenue cycle management extremely well. They solve the problem by looking at all the business processes in the center and ensure that the revenue cycle is at its maximum efficiency.

Another reason for lower collections can mostly be attributed to staff turnover, clearinghouse issues, and misconfigured billing programs. This is also solved by outsourcing this to industry experts in FQHC billing. Account receivables are time consuming and complicated and are often put on hold which becomes lost income for the center; instead of going back to the revenue cycle, they are put on hold until they are collected. This means that whatever potential that amount could have brought to the cycle is lost as well.

Catering to the impoverished is a noble and worthy cause; however, to give the best kind of service, it is important to optimize expenses. Since the FQHC is catering to people who have very little to begin with, it is now up to the management to make do with what they have and still deliver the best possible health care that they can give.

How Today’s 3PLs Provide More Than Just Logistics

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3PL Company Freight Forwarding

Traditionally, 3PLs (third-party logistics) providers offered conventional logistic services, specifically warehousing and inventory management, packaging, transportation, and other basic supply chain management functions.

But today, due to the increased volume and scope of services and demands put on the industry, the roles of 3PLs are changing. In short, many 3PL companies are engaged in deeper levels of strategic coordination of the supply chain activities of their customers.

Evolving Role of Logistics Providers

In the manufacturing and production sectors, many companies outsource supply chain management and logistics functions to another company. So, 3PL is a common practice and its functions vary from company to company. However, it usually include:

  • Warehousing
  • Customs and freight consolidation
  • Inbound freight
  • Management of freight to customers
  • Distribution
  • Order fulfillment

logistics 3PL warehouseUse of 3PLs enable companies to enhance the customer service offerings because it helps them to use insider knowledge and international distribution networks for exporting and importing, which has been established by 3PLs. Using third-party logistics is extremely beneficial for medium sized companies because it helps them to remain competitive and lean, and at the same time, they can receive the most cost-effective services.

However, it is not so useful for smaller companies because their logistics structure may not be large enough to justify the commissions, which a 3PL company will charge to take over managing and planning the functions. But, many major companies including IBM, use 3PLs for their logistics functions. However, some companies consider that using 3PL lead to:

  • Loss of contact with clients
  • Loss of control over logistics function
  • Disagreement over service level that should be provided

Performance-based Logistics Contracts

Instead of awarding payments for services, performance based logistics contracts are helpful because it awards payments on the basis of level of performance. The defense programs in many developed nations have complex supply chains. Therefore, some governments are planning to adopt performance-based logistics contracts. When the service is paid on the basis of performance, it enables the suppler to reduce the cost. However, they will be given more control over all aspects of logistics. Performance-based logistics (PBL) will clearly outline:

Role and responsibilities of both parties

  • Performance requirements
  • Exceeding performance standards or incentives on meeting
  • Metrics, which will be used to measure performance
  • Detailed information on the assessment of performance

Effective implementation of PBL contract is helpful for managing critical and complicated supply chains effectively. This will include the optimal placement of inventory in supply chain to reduce transportation, distribution and manufacturing costs.

Future Advancements in 3PL

3PL is changing gradually, and it paves the way for fourth-party logistics (4PL). These types of companies are supply chain service providers, which searches for the best solutions for supply chain management for its client companies. In order to attain this objective, 4PL companies do not use their own resources. Instead, these services are outsourced to 3PL companies.

In recent years, lots of trends have affected the logistic service industry, which create more opportunities and new strategic challenges for 3PL. Due to the globalization of business, supply chain have become more complex and complicated. It leads to the development of more international supply chain configurations, which are typically longer.

Today, manufacturers and retailers are investing more resources in accomplishing their environmental objectives. Therefore, 3PLs are required to improve the sustainability competencies and green credentials to support the environmental strategies of their customers. So, criteria for selecting 3PLs are increasingly based on evolution of their performance and sustainability practices.

Inside Illinois’ Leading Source for Barcoding & Labeling Technology

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Barcode technology has become very popular for a wide spectrum of companies. And one Illinois-based company, Walz Label & Mailing Systems, is spearheading the supply for barcoding and labeling products for many applications.Label Printer Barcode Scanner

Barcode technology continues to provide a wide range of benefits to consumers and businesses. With the availability of simple yet advanced devices, such as hands-free barcode scanners and mobile barcode label printers, many companies can optimized their day-to-day operations with enhanced speed, accuracy, efficiency, and cost reduction.

Below we delve into some of the advancements and systems that define barcoding and labeling technology of today. You can find most of these systems from Walz Label & Mailing Systems.

The Basics Behind Barcoding

There are two forms of barcodes: linear and 2D. Linear barcode is the most readable and comprise of two parts, including the twelve digit Universal Product Code and the barcode. The last number of the UPC is referred to as a check digit that allow the scanner to evaluate whether the barcode was scanned properly or not.

barcode label technology

The next five digits are the products number. The first six digits represent the producer’s or manufacturer’s number. On the other hand, 2D is far more complex than the linear type. This is because the code consists of more information, such as image, web address, price, quantity and so on. With this kind of barcode, the details are embedded in a 2D that cannot be read by linear.

Barcode & Label Products from Walz

Walz Label & Mailing Systems is not only a reputable company in Illinois, but also has over 50 years of experience offering remarkable services. As the company expanded due to advancement in technology, Walz has increased the product lines behind its labeling, automation, and mailing divisions to meet their growing customer base and market demands.

Walz labeling division concentrates on offering quality services in terms of data collection, products and supplies for product identification. These services range from customized pre-printed labels to mail management solutions. Properly labeled items improve error proofing and production, especially during the picking process. In addition, you can scan the product before picking to ensure that you have picked the right brand.barcode labeling technology

Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers a wide range of advanced products and solutions in the form of barcoding and labeling technology. Some of the more product models include the PD7100, DS3500-ER, Zebra (DS 3578), Granit 1280I, Granit 1980I, and more.

Zebra is a type of a barcode that offers a number of benefits to clients. In fact, it enhances efficiency in your business even if the environment is not conducive. It also enables the staff to capture virtually any kind of the barcode with the use of the bluetooth. Zebra is accurate as well as faster and thus saves a large amount of time. These codes can be 2D, 1D or Direct Part Marks to a special identification support.

Comprehensive Solutions That Facilitate Labeling Operations

Walz Label & Mailing Systems is recognized as a company that gives their customers the best support services coupled with the products they need to thrive. The company strives to make informed purchasing decisions, depending on how they will influence their clients today and in the future.

In addition, Walz Label & Mailing Systems provides software solutions like mail management software, output management software, receiving system, variable data printing, data quality software, and mail preparation software. Most of these solutions facilitate mailing and labeling operations for easier tracking of items in order to reduce chances losses or even eliminate processing the data twice.

For effective running of the business, automatic identification, labeling, and data capture remedies offer faster and accurate options to gather and enter information throughout the organization so as to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Learn more about company and its barcoding and labeling solutions by visiting:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611

Walz Truck Load Scanner Facilitates Payload Management for Miners

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Determining the load volume and weight being carried by heavy duty trucks can be a hurdle for miners, especially if a mining company lacks proper weighing equipment. Walz Scale, a globally renowned supplier and service provider of precision weighing equipment and truck scales, has developed an advanced truck load scanner system to help facilitate payload management process.

The load scanner system which is comprised of the mounting hardware, a laptop/PC and 3D laser scanners is able to provide real-time load volumes for static or in-motion trucks. In short, this revolutionary laser scanning system is replacing the need for costly truck scales and other standalone weighing systems.

To learn more about the Walz Load Scanner, visit the official website of the truck bed load scanner system at LoadScanner.com.

Features of Walz Load Scanner Systems

The volumetric truck load scanner by Walz is monitored using the payload operating system, which is an easy-to-use software. The platform delivers real-time data, while reporting features of the load to the operators or managers. This helps to ensure effective and efficient management of truckloads. Key features of the volumetric payload scanner include:

1. Advanced Load Scanning Technology: The scanner uses the 3D scanning technology and advanced algorithms to provide a very dynamic, non-contact solution to managing truck loads. It delivers very accurate volumetric load calculations whenever an open truck drives beneath the scanner.

truck load scanner

2. Automated Operation: The scanner operates by comparing the empty scans of the truck to the corresponding loaded scans. The vehicles are normally fitted with the RFID tags, which helps to automate the whole process, hence ensuring a fully automated operation with streamlined efficiency.

3. Static and Portable Load Scanning Services: The load volume scanning systems are available for both static and portable operation. The portable and trailer-mounted scanning systems are best for highway projects, the construction as well as mining industries, where portable solutions are required for real-time management of production and material movement.

4. Volume and 3D Load Imagery: The scanner provides very accurate volume calculations as well as 3D load images for the same. The individual load tickets can then be printed or emailed and the data stored or managed from a web-based account. The advanced analysis and reporting feature allows for real-time data management.

5. Real Time Production: The scanner allows for real-time monitoring of the production data. This kind of tracking gives you a clear indication of the load distribution and many other variables which can influence performance.

6. Optional Scanner Interface Systems: There are multiple options currently available for running the truck volume load scanning system. Whether you have a simple touch-screen PC, a mobile tablet or an outdoor kiosk system, you will find an operator interface which perfectly fits your requirements.

5 Supplementary Medical Professionals for Guest Blogging Outreach

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Relationship building is a key element for any digital marketing strategy to succeed. As a content marketer or a link builder, your success online squarely depends on your ability to identify and connect with key decision makers and influential personalities directly linked to your niche.medical practice guest bloggers

The best way to set up such connections is by taking advantage of guest blogging since it has been and continues to serve as an essential part of building relationships online. If you’re a medical professional looking to expand your connections and cultivate meaningful guest blogging relationships to facilitate your web marketing goals, consider reaching out to the following specialists (whether online or offline.)


Chiropractic care is by far the best form of treatment for any kind of pain. Recruiting well-known and top chiropractors to feature as guests on your blog is a good idea since it will help clarify details of musculoskeletal problems taking into consideration. This because professional chiropractors are trained and have vast experience in treating an assortment of musculoskeletal problems. In addition to the above, the preference of natural healing options (chiropractor’s specialty) will also be brought up which by the way is one of the things most people in pain usually look forward to.

A guest chiropractor will also be able to highlight details of a variety of techniques used in treating pain helping your audience understand which option best suits them. Conversely, a blog host chiropractor offers a holistic publishing platform to share how your medical practice aligns with chiropractic patients. All this information collectively will help you grow your online following significantly increasing your outreach overtime.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists are specialized in deep tissue massage, reflexology, orthopedic massage, sports massage etc. having a massage therapist feature on your blog serves as a guarantee to discuss the nature of different massage depending on the condition.

In addition to this, the therapist will also get to clarify what patients interested in therapeutic massage should expect from the massage specialists (which includes friendliness, experience and professionalism). Posting such information on your blog will in turn go a long way in helping make sure that you attract a consistent audience base (grow your following/ reach out to more people).

Medical Physicians

Medical physicians are trained to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. In addition to this, they are also experienced in taking patient’s medical histories as well as prescribing medications.

Having a professional medical physician feature as a guest on your blog will help increase your outreach since he/she will lay bare details of diagnostic tests, basic hygiene, preventive health care and even counsel patients on the best approach to handling injuries such as broken bones etc such useful information on your blog will help increase traffic through your site growing your following gradually.


Pathologists are specialists in detecting different diseases since they are trained to use a variety of medical based investigative techniques. This being the case, having an experienced pathologist feature as a guest on your blog will help increase your outreach especially if your target audience is interested in details of a particular disease such as prevention or treatment.

The pathologist through his piece will discuss details vital on how to find and make an accurate diagnosis which in turn will significantly improve prospects of treatment. In addition to this, he/she will also provide basic tips on how to identify sources of disease as well as steps to take to reduce the possible exposure or further spread.

Plastic Surgeons

Specialized in reconstructive, reparative surgery as well as many other surgical procedures (i.e. rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc.) having an experienced plastic surgeon as a guest on your blog serves as a guarantee to have sub-specialties such as congenital, trauma, neoplasms, hand surgery, aesthetic surgery as well as collaborative surgery discussed in details to your audience.

medical practice guest blogging

The surgeon will also take the opportunity to place emphasis on how they work closely with fellow colleagues to provide multidisciplinary care to patients encouraging those interested in undergoing plastic surgery to do so without worrying about the challenges that are characteristic of plastic surgery procedures.

A perfect example of this is the specialize website that’s focal to breast augmentation surgery in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. Helping to host reputable breast augmentation surgeons in the Bay Area, bayareabreastaugmentation.org will feature quality blog posts from guest breast augmentation surgeons throughout the surrounding Bay Area.

Final Thoughts

Guest blogging outreach has been and still serves as a very effective strategy to build a reputation and grow a web presence online but only if applied appropriately. The above information about supplement medical professionals for guest blogging outreach simply serve as an idea of how you can take this idea and scale it in your favor to make your blog platform more appealing and detailed considering the input that will be added.

The Best Alternative to Truck Scales is Walz Load Scanner

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In this era drastically advancing technology, heavy-duty weighbridges and portable truck scales are now being replaced by new, more efficient truck scale alternatives. If you are looking for an advanced solution for payload weighing and management, then check out the new innovation from Walz Scale. load scanner system in progress

Walz Scale is now offering a high-tech, yet very simple to use volume load scanner system known as Walz Load Scanner. This is a load scanner that has high-capacity, seamless scanning ability that calculates load volumes in an accurate and efficient manner.

Further, the volume measurements can then be calculated into weight metrics for fluid payload management processing. Additionally, the load scanner is cost effective, making it affordable for operators who want to advance their payload management systems without spending tens of thousands of dollars on the newest truck scale unique.

For more information about the Walz Load Scanner, visit loadscanner.com to learn more.

The Nuts & Bolts

The Walz Load Scanner developed to provide a high definition load imagery and an in-motion payload monitors. With this Advanced Volume Load Scanner System, operators are able to view high definition 3D images in their truck loads and then generate load tickets for each load. This allows you to print or email each load ticket with their corresponding material information and 3D imagery.

3D images from the load scanner

Walz Load Scanner is designed to be synced with Payload Pro Operating System (built in software platform property) which is compatible on all types of mobile devices and computers. This makes it easy for operators to track, monitor and manage load scan data from your online web based cloud account.

The load scanner provides a non-contact solution for managing material truck loads by utilizing its laser technology and its advanced patent pending algorithms. This is the best technology for bulk material transportation industries.

Walz Load Scanner Systems are available for portable operations or permanent operations. This makes it best for highway and construction projects because you can move it to any location. You are able to monitor and manage material movement and production. They come with optional load scanner interface systems which helps you run your truck volume load scanner system from your mobile tablets, simple touch screen PC’s and outdoor kiosks systems.

Advantages of Walz Load Scanner

They have affordable payload management system. You can install a Walz load scanner system with a very low cost as compared to the cost of fixing weighbridges. The load scanners need little maintenance hence minimizing repair costs and costly recalibration.

Load scanner in ag context

In operations where load’s cubic volume is the target metric, Walz Load Scanner gives an accurate and reliable measurement very fast compared to other forms of load management. With the load scanners, operators are able to eliminate the old methods of counting truck loads and guess work. In essence, users are able to minimize uncertainties, moisture content and load variation.

The load scanner systems available from Walz are highly flexible and durable. They are built to the highest standards and are proven to last long in rough production operations like in construction sites, mining sites and many more. A load scanner unit can be installed virtually anywhere where necessary.

The load scanner systems perform well in extreme conditions and in the roughest environment. They can go for years without the scheduled servicing or the need to recalibrate although this depends on how and where it’s being used. With the 3D scanning technology, other applications like conveyor belts are being applied.Walz Load Scanner

These conveyors belts are mostly used in mining sites and quarry sites. The difference between Walz Scale and other providers of mining truck scales is that Walz Scale gives the capabilities to incorporate weigh systems and many different pieces of equipment. Covering conveyor belt scales, onboard rail scales and many more. Walz Scale is a leading provider of mining scale systems and payload management solutions in many different forms.

Web Presence Optimization: The New Buzz In The SEO Community

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Unveiling a business website without implementing the proper marketing strategies and expecting it to succeed is somewhat like planting a seed in the middle of the desert and expecting it to sprout. Only through careful nurture of social media marketing, SEO, and other current marketing channels can your site truly grow and attract the right kind of traffic.

In this competitive environment, success often depends on embracing newly emerging marketing tactics. One such strategy that shows a lot of promise is web presence optimization.

Web presence optimization aids in making your business website more visible to customers. Sounds a lot like traditional SEO? Well, it’s not. It’s kind of like an evolutionary step forward.

leading the web presence optimization approach


How Is Web Presence Optimization Different From Traditional SEO?

SEO helps to improve your website’s page rankings when customers search for certain keywords using Google, Bing, and other search engines. In short it improves the searchability of your site and it specifically targets search engines.

Web presence optimization on the other hand concentrates on making your website and your business discoverable across a lot of different online mediums. Not just restricted to search engines it helps customers to find your business in relevant social media pages, review websites, blogs, local listings, YouTube, and other online platforms.

While SEO has a much more focused goal of improving page ranking web presence optimization adopts a much more holistic approach towards improving your website’s online presence. Apart from that, web presence optimization focuses a lot on giving back to the online community by sharing useful content, being active on social media platforms, answering customer queries, and creating interest. This approach humanizes the online interaction between you and your customers which in turn fortifies the credibility of your company.

The 3 Pillars of Web Presence Optimization

The grand approach to web presence optimization blankets a lot of different marketing tactics. However, following are three fundamental strategies that form the core of your web presence optimization strategy.

Sharing Useful Content

Sharing information that your customers find interesting and useful is one of the foremost strategies that falls under web presence optimization. From uploading interesting videos to posting blogs sharing great content can be done in a number of ways.

The only thing that needs to be remembered is that none of these contents should actively promote your business or website. Even though these contents should link back to the company website they should primarily oriented towards generating interest or solving a particular problem. One of the great ways of sharing fresh content regularly is by contacting independent bloggers and asking them to review your products or services.

Being Active On Social Media Platforms

There is a very real chance that people are already talking about your business in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other relevant social media websites. These may include feedbacks, complaints, queries, and even appreciations. These social media interactions are so important that it can destroy or enhance a company’s reputation in matter of days.

This is exactly why being active on social media platforms is a crucial step towards building the right kind of presence. It’s a good idea to employ a social marketing expert to respond to all the customer messages as well as promote your social media business pages.

Utilizing Local Listings

Yelp and Google+ Local are very popular among customers who use them to find local businesses. The first thing you need to do is claim your business listing on these sites and make sure all the information such as phone number, address, website is accurately listed. You can also ask satisfied customers to leave their ratings on these sites which will help fortify your company’s reputation.